who we are

New Jersey Hiking Heroes is a chapter of Virginia Hiking Heroes. The Hiking Heroes has been expanding to different regions. We encourage you to participate in the program through your state!

If you live in New Jersey, what are you waiting for? Join New Jersey Hiking Heroes! Head on over to the Contact Us page to reach out to us!
If there is no chapter for the state you reside in but wish that a chapter should be created, head to the Contact Us page and reach out!! 

We would love everyone from across the country to participate in helping the environment!

our mission

support well-being

spread awareness

protect the environment

hike & enjoy nature

our officers


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Alex Kim

Hello! My name is Alex Kim and I am one of the Presidents of New Jersey Hiking Heroes! I have always been interested in helping out the environment. As the future generation, it is our responsibility to leave behind a clean environment for those who come after us. As someone who loves to be outside, I am very lucky to be a President for a group that advocates a clean environment while being outside! I hope to bring more awareness of our current situation by picking up trash on our hikes. I want to also advocate that change can only happen if we all come together to help and appreciate Mother Earth!


Justin Ahn

Hi, my name is Justin Ahn and I am one of the co-presidents of New Jersey Hiking Heroes. In these modern times, scientists are constantly warning the public regarding the effects of climate change, and world leaders are finally delving into the current situation. As normal citizens, I think that the idea of expanding awareness of the environment, picking up trash while hiking, and collaborating with new people is more monumental than it sounds. We can all make a difference whether big or small, and I think we should do it now. 



Stephen Yoon

Hello! My name is Stephen Yoon and I’m the webmaster of New Jersey Hiking Heroes. I'm a passionate, hardworking high school student who loves coding and making websites. In my free time, I like listening to music and playing basketball with my friends.

I joined this club in in the hope of bringing more awareness to the environment and to help out as much as I can! I believe NJHH is an excellent opportunity to enjoy hiking and save the world, both at the same time. With this, our environment would be a much cleaner place, and we can all bring a positive impact on Earth.